The inner me

Today I spent some time thinking about my inner creative self.  What would I look like if I could dress however I desired; what would I do with my hair and my makeup? Using these thoughts I came up with one look that definitely expresses the inner me.

Yes, Purple hair and Gray Lips!

So the inner me would have bold hair and makeup.  If I ever decide to change my place of employment, I will look for a place where I can express my creativity through my hair and makeup.

I absolutely love bright, bold colors and I would wear them everyday if I could.  I prefer to make bold statements using my physical apperance.  Are you able to express yourself on a daily basis? Do you ever feel like you just want to take the risk and express your creative inner self even if it doesn’t fit your work environment?

The inner me

One thought on “The inner me

  1. SophieJune says:

    Your inner self makes me think of Film Noir. Bold and unapologetic. I sometimes get away with a few things at work but I couldn’t wear what I’d really like to wear. If I could I’d dress in a velvet cloak and French aristocratic style from the 1800s. This blog really made me reflect. Thanks!

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