New Year’s Eve Makeup Look


Hello Beauties,

Here is my NYE 2014 Makeup look! I wanted to do something a little bolder than what I usually go for (and I’ve been dying to use this Inglot pigment).  For this look I went with purple and rose gold eye shadows with a pink lip.  Since it is New Year’s Eve, I used one of my favorite sparkly highlighters.  You can find details and pictures below (reviews coming soon!).

Inglot Custom Palette
Inglot custom palette, I used the purple in the top row to deepen my crease
Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette
Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette, I used (counting from the left) top row: #4 and #8, bottom row: #7
Inglot #86
Inglot loose pigment #86, used to add sparkle to my eyelid. It is sooooo pretty in person
Inglot #86
Inglot #86, Can you see the shift between pink and rose gold?!!!
Ruby Kisses Bronzing Powder
Ruby Kisses Bronzing Powder used as a highlight
Sleek Flame Blush Trio
Sleek Flame Blush Trio, I used a combination of all three colors

If you prefer to not have such a sparkly look, you could just use the shadows without the pigment.

Without Inglot #86
The look without the Inglot pigment is still pretty just not as bold.

Since I wear glasses, I did not put on false lashes, but I feel false lashes would make this look even better!

NYE2014 with glasses
NYE2014 Look with glasses
NYE 2014 Look
NYE 2014 Look
NYE 2014 Look

I hope you enjoyed this look.  I am looking forward to posting more in the New Year!

Have a Wonderful, Safe, and Happy New Year! 

New Year’s Eve Makeup Look

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